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TBS builds better field management capabilities with Adaptiv

TBS builds better field management capabilities with Adaptiv

For over 30 years, Tymaline Building Services (TBS) has supported Melbourne’s Owners Corporation with building-related maintenance, repair services and insurance-related work.

TBS provides its customers with a comprehensive and fully responsive after-hours emergency repair service. So, no matter what’s gone wrong and when – it’s TBS to the rescue with the latest tools and technology to deliver efficient, high-quality service.

The move to field service management

Owners Corporation managers tend to have a portfolio of properties they manage, so there’s always something to be taken care of – from flooding due to burst pipes or a roof blown off during a storm – meaning TBS is busy around the clock. TBS also works directly with property insurers to undertake emergency work to ensure buildings are safe for residents, then follow up with repairs and reinstatement. All of which requires strong management skills and careful coordination.

“We’ve used SAP Business One (on-premises) successfully for business and financial management for many years”, says Rob Corelli, TBS General Manager, “but we had a significant disconnect with how we were managing our subcontractors. We emailed most of our work orders to them, then manually chased them up to see if they’d made an appointment to visit the site, the visit outcome, the next steps, and more.

“We could see there was a real opportunity to streamline the process – to be more responsive to our clients and provide them with real-time visibility of their projects. We commissioned some business consultants to look at the business, and they concurred. After looking at a range of potential solutions, they recommended simPRO field service management software to handle job and project management and that we integrate it with SAP to minimise manual processes.”

Picking the right implementation partner

As part of the comprehensive RFP (request for proposal) process, TBS asked a range of potential integration partners to respond with their approach to providing integration architecture and development resources.

“Based on industry recommendations, we asked Adaptiv Integration to respond to our RFP,” says Corelli. “After reading their response, we had several in-depth discussions where they showcased their significant technical capabilities and simPRO and Azure Integration Services experience. It was obvious that, despite being headquartered in New Zealand, working remotely wasn’t going to be an issue – they were the right partner for us.”

The simPRO + SAP B1 solution

simPRO has been the ideal solution for TBS. Its field management capabilities mean the business and its subcontractors can streamline how they communicate, keep the status of any job up to date, and standardise documentation and reporting. Critically, simPRO allows TBS to fully manage all the work orders they assign to the trade companies they use for repair and restoration work.

As importantly, by integrating simPRO and SAP Business One (SAP B1), TBS can automatically create, share, and update vendor orders, job, site and contact details, work orders, invoices, payments, material lists, and more between the solutions. All without manual intervention or data entry.

The integration side of the project was complex, says Corelli. “TBS operates a multi-company environment, so we needed a large volume of simPRO instances for our subcontractors, making the integrations numerous and often quite complicated.”

Corelli is more than happy with the outcome. “Whenever we issue a work order in SAP to one of our tradies or subcontractors, it creates a job in their instance of simPRO. So, when they update the job in the system at their end, we get a notification by email. The ability to see what is happening with each job at any time is a major improvement to how we operate.

“We needed instant access to feedback at every stage to keep our clients updated and happy – and we can now do this by simply clicking a link in SAP that takes us straight to the job in simPRO. We have complete visibility of jobs as they progress, not just at the end when our subcontractors submit their photos, costs, and reports.”

Working with Adaptiv

TBS used an Agile approach for the multivendor project, which included Corelli, the business’s IT support partner, simPRO, SAP developers, Adaptiv, and the business consultants brought in for the system review.

“Adaptiv was fantastic at working within the Agile framework with everyone else – it’s obviously second nature to them,” says Corelli. “They were happy to work with the integration platform of our choice – although they recommended Azure as the best fit based on our requirement to control costs without sacrificing performance. With our relatively modest throughput, the Azure consumption model meant our monthly invoice would be less than $200 a month – which made us very happy.

“All of Adaptiv’s documentation was meticulous. They were highly professional, and if extra work was required, they kept us up to date on the impact on the budget. There were no surprises – everything was transparent and upfront. It’s the ideal way to work.

“We found Adaptiv to be extremely responsive with their support. We get great monthly reporting and rapid notification if there are ever any issues with the integration – and the option to look at it ourselves or fix it for us.

“If we go through an upgrade or want to change something slightly, we can run through it with Adaptiv in our test environment or have them monitor it in real time. So, if anything unexpected has happened during the upgrade, they can get straight on to it.”

Corelli has been delighted with the partnership. “Adaptiv has 100% lived up to our expectations,” he says. “They’ve been great throughout the entire engagement, right through to post-go-live support. Everything we expected from the integration part of the project was delivered as scoped and agreed on. It couldn’t have been better.”

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