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Lyttelton Port​ Company​

The Problem

LPC needed to display on screens in the business, the ETA and ETD of vessels. 

The solution had to get data from their core port management solution, PortControl, and push it to several Sharepoint lists.

Data has got to be refreshed every 15 minutes.

The Solution

Azure Data Factory and Azure Functions were the chosen services, because of their ease of use, low cost and being serverless.

The solution is scheduled to run every 15 minutes and automatically detects data changes between the core LPC ports management system and Sharepoint. Only picking up and modifying needed data.

Business Outcomes

  • Real time visualization of  vessels’ arrival and departure.
  • Fast data integration between two heterogeneous data systems.
  • Leverage the Azure platform and its serverless services.
  • Running low cost.

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