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Adaptiv partners with Decisions to offer robust workflow and rule automation solutions, enhancing our data and analytics services for streamlined business processes.

What is Decisions?

Decisions is a leading platform for automating business processes and managing business rules. It provides a no-code, graphical interface to create, modify, and execute complex workflows and rules. Adaptiv leverages Decisions to integrate seamless, automated workflows and intelligent rule systems into our client solutions, enhancing efficiency, decision-making processes, and overall business agility.

  • No-Code Workflow Automation

    Drag-and-drop interface for easy workflow creation and automation.
  • Rule Engine

    Powerful, flexible engine for implementing and managing complex business rules.
  • Dashboard and Reporting Tools

    Customisable tools for real-time monitoring and insightful reporting.
  • Data Integration Capabilities

    Seamless integration with a variety of data sources and systems.
  • Process Modelling and Execution

    Graphical tools for designing and executing business processes.
  • User Management and Collaboration

    Facilitates team collaboration and effective user access control.

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