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How to Accelerate Your Business Outcomes with Boomi

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When we talk about accelerating your business outcomes, what do we really mean? Of course, with every business we are always looking to improve operational efficiency, maximise profitability and reduce business risk — but how can we do this? There are many ways you can achieve these outcomes. One of the most transformative decisions you can make involves selecting and deploying an integration platform that addresses your most pressing business challenges.

Why is integration so crucial for a business? Integration is critical in eliminating errors, streamlining processes, keeping data secure and providing end-to-end data visibility. The first step in handling each of these problems is to find an integration platform you can trust. In this post, we’ll be explaining what Boomi is and how its features can tackle each of these common issues for you — providing you with the best business outcomes possible.

What is Boomi?

Boomi provides many tools and features for streamlining your processes and eliminating errors — most of which stem from the fact that it’s so easy to use. It has an insightful UI that is easy to learn and comes with a large variety of built-in connectors. It is a low-code platform designed to minimise the need for manual coding, allowing users to create applications more quickly and with less technical expertise.

Boomi is a leading, multi-tenant, on-demand, low-code, cloud integration platform that connects on-premises applications and data with those in the cloud. Its many features come together to deliver a comprehensive integration experience that tackles even the biggest of business challenges. We’ll dive deeper into how each feature does that below.

Streamline Processes and Eliminate Errors

As a business eliminating errors is critical to reducing business risk and maximising profitability. After all, errors can cost a business dearly in terms of the time and money spent to fix the mistake. One of the best ways to eliminate errors is to streamline your processes, and streamlining your processes can also improve your business’s operational efficiency and increase profitability.

A noteworthy example of this is our work with one of New Zealand’s leading motor vehicle finance companies. They had an existing web portal used by business customers called the Fleet Portal, but they wanted to implement a new vehicle lease management platform (Miles) for their B2B business. We re-implemented the integrations in the web portal against the Miles platform using Boomi. The new Miles integrations in Boomi helped them better manage their B2B (fleet) business by streamlining existing processes.

The Boomi platform is also flexible as even though it’s low code you still have the option to add in scripting components for more complex integrations when needed. You also have the option to create custom connectors using their Connector SDK when the in-built connectors don’t suit your needs.

It is important to note however that while Boomi is easy to use, in more complex integration scenarios it is invaluable to leverage the input of experienced solution architects and developers to streamline your integrations and maximise their efficiency.

Maximise Affordability and Reliability

As a business you need to keep costs down to maximise profitability, but you also need to make sure the user experience and performance of your integrations are as seamless as possible. There are many integration platforms to choose from but only a few offer the same level of performance as Boomi at the same affordable price.

One of the main draws of Boomi is just how affordable it is for businesses — big and small. This is because you only pay for the connectors used and not the data load or throughput of your integrations. Connectors can also be reused to minimise costs as you only pay for each unique connection deployed per environment. This means you can have many integrations deployed to an environment, and provided they all share the same connection, you only pay for that one connector.

Our work with Fulton Hogan highlights this affordability and reliability. Fulton Hogan had numerous business processes that required an integration solution. We developed a multitude of integrations for them using Boomi, and by reusing connectors (for instance, the Azure Service Bus), we were able to generate considerable savings for them. As a result, they have been able to scale their integrations without a corresponding increase in licensing.

Ensure Data Security and Visibility

Data visibility is a vital issue for all businesses, after all you need to keep all your important data under lock and key, but you also need to be able to view and manage that data so that you can measure the success of your business, identify areas for improvement and diagnose any issues. Boomi provides end-to-end visibility of your data while keeping it secure so that you don’t have to worry about data breaches or data loss.

One of the key ways in which Boomi provides excellent data visibility is through its “Process Reporting” page. Boomi’s Process Reporting is a valuable tool that allows you to see details about all process executions that have occurred — including the inbound and outbound documents, the processing paths they took, logging information and any errors. It also has a powerful filtering system that allows for you to search for specific process executions by date and time or identify specific documents using tracked fields.

In addition, Boomi It is also a unified Platform featuring many offerings such as integration, Boomi MDM, Boomi Flow, B2B and EDI management and API Management — all of which work together effortlessly to provide a rich data experience. Boomi MDM in particular offers excellent quality and management of data, and you can read more about the benefits of Master Data Management in our blog “Master Data Management, and why it matters so much.”

In short, Boomi is the integration platform for businesses aiming to excel in today’s competitive landscape. It empowers you to minimise costs, ensure data integrity, boost efficiency, and enhance user experience. By tackling errors, streamlining processes, securing data, and offering affordability and reliability, Boomi sets the stage for accelerated business outcomes.

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