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Is your integration strategy still paying off?

An integration strategy is essential for aligning the business and IT departments of the organisations to execute a digital transformation.

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Ongoing value is rarely realised when you adopt a ‘set and forget’ approach to your technology.

And truth be told, even the most diligent organisations pay more attention to the performance and maintenance of critical line-of-business applications than their APIs. Yet APIs and integration platform costs and issues can mount up and impact not only organisational efficiencies but also your security and bottom line. With that in mind, here are some telling questions we suggest you ask your technology team about the status of your application integrations.

What you'll take away from this eBook:

  • 1

    A clear understanding of what design and support documentation is required for your APIs

  • 2

    Clarity on whether your systems will stand the test of time

  • 3

    Where your APIs sit in relation to industry standards

  • 4

    An understanding of the contributing factors associated with integration; time, costs and risk of errors and how manageable they are within a timeframe.

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